2023 High School Basketball Previews: Pine Bluff Girls

2023 High School Basketball Previews: Pine Bluff Girls

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -“Our boys, obviously, they’ve been good, I’ll give them that,” Junior Power Forward, Jessica Hoffman, said. “I want it to be our turn and I think that we deserve it.”

Pine Bluffs Girl’s Basketball is on the hunt for a state championship, with a team of only two seniors, that is could be an up hill battle. But, the Hornets are confident in that they will step up to the challenge.

“We’re excited to get the season started,” Head Coach, Lindsey Forbes, said. “We saw a lot of commitment out of our young kids over the summer. We’re excited to see them on the floor and see what happens.

“Them already having that experience means that they’re going to want to push further. I know my freshman year, especially having the seniors to help me get somewhere, the following years I’ve been able to push and work harder,” Hoffman said.

A pair of twins are the senior leaders on this squad and they have fully embraced their role.

“I try to coach them because I’ve been here for so long,” Senior Guard, Kelsie Bymer, said. “I try to point them in the direction in the direction I have been taught since they’re the younger classmen.”

“They’ve been there, so, they understand the different tempo of the game and the different style. Their leadership is going to be huge,” Coach Forbes said.

“I see improvement from last year, definitely. I’m just excited to play with all of these girls and hopefully make it so state this year,” Bymer said.

The hunt for the state championship game starts on Thursday against Wheatland at 5:30 PM.

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