AI-Driven Text-Based Adventure Game Midreal Officially Launches

AI-Driven Text-Based Adventure Game Midreal Officially Launches


New “Morpheus-1” model surpasses GPT-4 and other models in blind tests setting new industry standards

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2024 / — MidReal today announced the official release of its namesake product, which incorporates it’s latest “Morpheus-1” AI model, bringing to market a revolutionary gaming experience that blurs the line between fantasy and reality and puts powerful narrative creation tools into the hands of casual gamers, novel enthusiasts, tv and movie aficionados, fan fiction devotees, and more. Users can create any storyline they can imagine and shape its narrative, all while doing so with maximum freedom and ease-of-use.

Developed by engineers from MIT, Cornell, and Duke, MidReal’s groundbreaking experience uses cutting-edge AI technology and Large Language Models to generate intricate storylines and action that adapt fully in real-time to user choices and guidance. MidReal also uses proprietary technological innovations to take the creative process to a deeper level. Memory-Spanning Technology allows for almost infinite memory retention, ensuring a seamless and long-term gaming experience unlike any other product on the market, while Long-Form Writing Ability means that whether a user is creating a short adventure or a sprawling epic, the platform’s narrative stays coherent, captivating, and engaging from start to finish.

Realism and readability, however, remain at the forefront of priorities for narrative AI technology storytelling and MidReal brings a significant advancement to the field. In a comprehensive blind test involving American readers, MidReal’s latest “Morpheus-1” AI model surpassed GPT-4, with it being preferred 75% of the time over previous state-of-the-art (SOTA) storytelling models and 85% of the time over stories created by GPT-4. Such results brings MidReal to the forefront of the digital storytelling industry, and ultimately, sets new standards for narrative-focused AI storytelling.

“In the world of AI driven narrative and storytelling, readability and believability is of paramount concern and that desire to give creatives the most state-of-the-art tools available is what drove us to create MidReal and its latest AI module “Morpheus-1,”” said Kaijie Chen, co-founder and CEO at MidReal. “With its official launch today we’re looking forward to the countless stories that are just waiting to be told to the world.”

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About MidReal

MidReal is an interactive storytelling platform powered by AI, committed to democratizing creativity. Originating from an academic collaboration with the creator of GPT, MidReal has developed a state-of-the-art Story Generation Engine. It has trained Large Language Models with enhanced memory and planning capabilities, enabling AI agents to learn from millions of examples to significantly improve their reasoning abilities. MidReal now supports over 100,000 enthusiastic early creators who have generated millions of stories.

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