AI Jobs for BCA Graduates: Explore the List and Apply Today

AI Jobs for BCA Graduates: Explore the List and Apply Today

Nbyula is looking for a software product engineer to fill up the vacancy for their Bengaluru office. The candidate should be a dedicated and dynamic Software Engineer trained and focused on production-level systems. Your role will involve developing cutting-edge web and/or native applications that are not only effective but also highly adaptable and scalable.

This position is a full-time transformation role, requiring you to quickly become proficient in the technical skills related to the domain, gain a deep understanding of the business and market sectors, and most importantly, embrace Nbyula’s fundamental organizational principles.

The candidate needs to engage in every stage of the development process, including design, implementation, unit testing, and launch. Collaborate effectively in a team setting, utilizing open-source platforms and tools, as well as external services and APIs such as GA, Facebook, and PayPal. You will handle data from both internal and external sources, including GA, Facebook, PayPal, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Create code that is clean and easy to maintain while also focusing on quick iterations and timely delivery. Ensure that the final product is fully operational, balancing time and quality. Own the projects you work on, extending beyond technical knowledge.

The applicant must be familiar with widely used technologies like cloud computing, open-source software, schema-less databases, machine learning, web crawling, data scraping, progressive web apps, continuous integration and deployment, relational databases, and NoSQL.

The candidate needs to have a deep comprehension of architectures that involve client-server interactions, handling requests asynchronously, and updating parts of a page and know real-world applications with experience in Python or a similar scripting language such as PHP, Perl, Lua, Bash, etc. It is one of the AI jobs for BCA graduates.

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