Best and Worst Landing Spots for Top 2024 NFL Offseason Trade Targets

Best and Worst Landing Spots for Top 2024 NFL Offseason Trade Targets

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The Chicago Bears punted on the chance to deal Justin Fields and draft another potential franchise quarterback leading up to the 2023 season. It’s difficult to envision that same path being taken if the front office was given a mulligan on that decision.

Best Landing Spot: Las Vegas Raiders

The failed Jimmy Garoppolo signing has left the door open for the Raiders to go after another passer this coming offseason. While the 5-6 squad have been playing too well to land one of the top prospects in the draft, it could bring in a player looking for a fresh start only a few years into their NFL career. .

Fields could be rejuvenated by a change of scenery. He came into the year with hopes of furthering his development as a passer while retaining the signature rushing ability that made him one of the league’s most exciting quarterbacks last year. Injuries and inconsistency have plagued the 24-year-old, however, and he publicly blamed the coaching staff for some of his woes.

Landing in Sin City could help Fields turn things around. The team will have a new coaching staff that may be able to better utilize his unique skills, while the roster features one of the league’s very best receivers in Davante Adams—although he’ll be a top trade candidate this offseason—and a viable offensive line. Considering Fields has been sacked a whopping 81 times since last season began, this will likely be his best and potentially last chance to right the ship.

Worst Landing Spot: Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback to run their offense. The team has invested heavily into skill position talent in the last few drafts but has been unable to unlock their potential due to the lack of talent under center. With first-round pass-catchers like Drake London and Kyle Pitts woefully underperforming, the Falcons can’t afford to take a chance on a quarterback who doesn’t possess a top-notch arm.

Fields would be a terrible fit in Atlanta given his lack of
accuracy and penchant for holding onto the ball. The team must find a field
general who can keep the receivers and tight ends fed while still allowing the
backfield tandem of Bijan Robinson—another early first-round draft selection—and
Tyler Allgeier to see plenty of touches. Putting Fields, a player who has
tallied up nearly 300 rushing attempts in his first 34 career games and
completes a meager 60.4 percent of his throws, in the mix here would be

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