CelcomDigi Launches AiX To Boost Industry Innovation With AI Technology – BusinessToday

CelcomDigi Launches AiX To Boost Industry Innovation With AI Technology – BusinessToday

CelcomDigi Berhad (CelcomDigi) recently revealed its cutting-edge CelcomDigi AI Experience Centre (AiX), a one-stop immersive innovation and collaboration hub designed to lead, inspire, and advance the creation of world-class digital solutions across various sectors.

Supported by an extensive ecosystem of leading global technology players and local partners, AiX aims to be a focal point for cross-industry collaborations, leveraging emerging technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (XR), Robotics, Analytics, and the Metaverse.

Launched by the Minister of Communications, Fahmi Fadzil, AiX offers an immersive experience that combines sight, sound, and touch, featuring real-world solutions ready for immediate deployment.

This collaborative facility is designed to spur rapid technology advancements and the growth of new digital start-ups, enterprises, and future skills, thereby building a flourishing innovation ecosystem to fuel Malaysia’s digital transformation.

CelcomDigi CEO Datuk Idham Nawawi emphasised the importance of emerging technologies in revolutionizing the world and Malaysia’s need to keep pace with this progress.

“Over 1.5 years ago, we made a strong commitment to play a pivotal role in realizing this ambition, leveraging our greater combined capabilities as a merged company to invest and drive digitalization, innovation, and sustainable growth for the nation,” said Nawawi.

He added that AiX is a realisation of the national benefit of the merger, attracting and partnering with global and regional digital tech giants to accelerate the development of cutting-edge digital solutions.

AiX is designed on a model of strong partnerships and constant evolution, allowing for rapid experimentation and development of new technology solutions for the market. With an investment of RM55 million, AiX is supported by a robust ecosystem of 40 global technology leaders, local partners, and solution providers. Notable partners include Huawei, ZTE, AWS, Digital Nasional Berhad, Ericsson, Microsoft, SK Telecom, Softbank, Sumitomo, and Yinson.

Located at CelcomDigi Hub in Subang Jaya’s Hi-Tech Park, AiX features two main spaces: The Infinity and The Gallery. The Infinity offers visitors immersive, interactive experiences of digital society simulations using cutting-edge audio-visual technology. The Gallery showcases a physical array of real-world industrial use cases, highlighting the transformative potential of emerging technologies for enterprise growth. Of the 45 solutions featured within the eight verticals—manufacturing, logistics, energy, fleet, port, healthcare, education, and agritech—13 are live use cases being piloted with enterprises in Malaysia.

AiX is also home to AI-RA, the first AI digital human and resident co-host of the Centre’s immersive tours. AI-RA interacts with visitors, explaining the diverse use cases on display, accompanied by autonomous robotics performing various tasks to demonstrate the power of combining AI and robotics.

The AI Experience Centre also offers a collaborative space serving as a live lab environment for startups, large-scale enterprises, academia, and government to co-create, test, and validate new solutions that pair 5G with other emerging technologies.

AiX will be open for visitors on a scheduled basis. Technology and business partners, academia, government agencies, and corporate organisations are invited to visit AiX to glimpse the future of our digital society through immersive and interactive exhibits.

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