Daily horoscope for March 16, 2023

Daily horoscope for March 16, 2023

Finding time for luxury and enjoyment may feel vital at the moment, though it’s likely that we’ll be too busy to really indulge. The Moon starts things off on a buoyant note as she squares Jupiter, but our fantasies could take over as Mercury conjoins Neptune in Pisces. Meanwhile, we’ll be run off our feet when the Sun squares Mars, amping up the energy. Any potential issues come to a head at 6:34 pm EST when aesthetic Venus enters Taurus for her annual visit.

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March 21-April 19

Get ready to pad your pockets! Bountiful Venus is arriving in your 2nd House of Income, and for the next few weeks, she will be doing all she can to help you increase your revenue stream. However, while Venus wants you to earn, she also calls you to spend, so you may find it difficult to deny yourself anything during this cycle. A few splurges or treats are fine, but focus on buying forever pieces rather than objects that will quickly lose their luster.

April 20-May 20

All eyes are on you, Taurus. Your ruler Venus has just entered your sign for her yearly visit, making you the number one receiver of all her wonderful gifts. This is a great time to make a few updates to your appearance, perhaps with a new hairstyle or a few special additions to your wardrobe. You can also attract more admirers during this cycle, so use your new powers for good — or else you could leave a trail of broken hearts in your wake.

May 21-June 20

Life is taking a turn for the fantastic. Venus is sliding into your dreamy 12th house, lending her gentle touch to the unseen aspects of your life. During the next couple weeks, it could be nearly impossible not to don a pair of rose-colored glasses and see what opportunities present themselves. There’s nothing wrong with letting your heart lead you for the time being, but be wary of blinding yourself to any red flags you ought to be keeping an eye out for.

June 21-July 22

The universe is buoying you up! Venus is dancing into your 11th House of Global Community, bringing plenty of people out of the woodwork who are all asking for your attention. This is a fabulous cycle to get to know anyone who has been hanging out on the fringes of your social circle, because they could turn out to be very valuable connections down the line. The only way to miss out on every opportunity would be to hide your gifts away by being anti-social.

July 23-August 22

It’s your turn to take your place center stage! Your reputation is shining more brightly than ever as Venus twirls into your 10th House of Career for the next three weeks. The planet of grace will be doing all she can to reward you for previous efforts, and she will also bring lots of new opportunities your way to help you reach the next rung on the professional ladder. Authority figures could be especially eager to aid you during this cycle.

August 23-September 22

The world is spreading itself before you like an opulent buffet. Bountiful Venus has just arrived in your 9th House of Expansion, showing you how much beauty and excitement is waiting for you out in the great wide yonder. Starting today, you’ve got a little over three weeks to explore all these lovely prospects. You’ve got great prospects to find many chances to achieve personal satisfaction or even obtain some financial opportunities. Venus will do all she can to make your efforts worth it.

September 23-October 22

Things may seem intense today, but there is actually a very good reason for that. Your ruler, Venus, has just slipped into your 8th House of Shared Resources, which rules all the bonds that glue you and the important people in your life together. While this sector can bring difficulty, Venus wants to do the opposite, by easing up any tensions around these matters. You can look forward to more financial windfalls and positive personal interactions in the weeks ahead.

October 23-November 21

Your relationships are being showered with cosmic grace. Loving Venus is arriving in your 7th House of Partnerships for her annual visit, which can help you clear the air around any issues you’re experiencing with one person in particular. This transit can also attract new partners into your life, be they romantic or professional, so if you’ve been hoping to team up with a peer, you’ll soon have lots of good options available to you. Two heads really are better than one right now.

November 22-December 21

Your life is about to become a little simpler — maybe even a little more enjoyable. Your 6th House of Work and Routine is beautifully lit up as pleasure-loving Venus arrives for her yearly visit. Over the next few weeks the Goddess of Love will do all she can to ease up any tensions you may have been feeling, especially those regarding your daily habits or professional life. Co-workers and volunteers could be extra accommodating, helping you enjoy your work or other duties more overall.

December 22-January 19

Some very good news may arrive for you in particular at any moment. Venus, the planet of pleasure and bounty, has just entered your fun zone, offering up nearly a whole month when you can do as you please as often as possible. That isn’t to say you won’t have to tend to other matters altogether, but the universe is doing its part to make sure you get to have more fun in general by putting your personal passions front and center. Go enjoy yourself!

January 20-February 18

Don’t be shocked if your surroundings rapidly start looking shabby or outdated. Aesthetic Venus is evaluating your 4th House of Home, turning her beautifying eye to your own abode. It’s possible you’ll add some fresh artwork or a few new throw pillows — or you could decide to redo the entire place from top to bottom. A professional decorator could help if you want to make big changes, and if that’s out of your budget, consider asking a friend with good taste for some advice.

February 19-March 20

The cosmic spotlight is currently yours, Pisces! Venus is beginning her party in your social 3rd house, inspiring people to call you up in the hope that you’ll grace their presence with your fascinating self. While you’re so busy chatting others up, don’t forget to explore your neighborhood as well. Venus could plant a few opportunities to stay busy here or there, potentially by offering you a new part-time gig or even by showing a potential fresh social connection at a local haunt.

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