Exploring Kansas Outdoors: Repurposing feral cats for today’s topsy-turvey world

Exploring Kansas Outdoors: Repurposing feral cats for today’s topsy-turvey world

Exploring Kansas Outdoors

Cats of any description are fierce, efficient hunters, and feral cats, all-the-more. They do untold damage to pheasant and quail populations and kill large numbers of songbirds. By feral cats I mean cats that live totally in the wild and possibly haven’t had a domestic relative for years or even generations; NOT “Fluffy” next door that rolls around at your feet and plays hide and seek with you from a paper sack.

Feral cats have become so overpopulated in some states that over the years, hunting seasons have actually been proposed for them. Heck, when we were kids, we called feral cats RT’s, short for Running Targets. But I think I have some good ideas to actually utilize feral cats in today’s topsy-turvey society. For starters, and in light of all the recent “protests” at our nation’s colleges, how about using them for crowd control. Rioting crowds would probably react badly to snarling German Shepherds, which will soon be history anyway since the K-9 police units will probably be washed down the drain with the rest of law enforcement officers by those claiming animal cruelty. But who’s gonna’ notice a few fluffy cats rubbing against everyone’s legs. Really long-haired ones rolled in some sort of fairy-dust sleeping potion and turned loose to spread it through the crowd could have the “demonstrators” simply falling asleep where they stand. All that’s needed is to pile everyone against the curbs and traffic is restored; no buildings burned, no one shot, no historic statues that have stood there for generations torn down, and just look at the money saved on tear gas. Hopefully when the protestors all awake to see how pathetic they look on the evening news, they’ll just slink off into the shadows and be too ashamed to try it again.

Since it appears many 911 calls could soon be answered by only mental health professionals of some description who will undoubtedly be unarmed except for a clipboard and some colored markers, a few of the nastiest, old hag, feral cats can be trained to go with them when they enter whatever the new nations within our cities will call themselves by then. They can be carried in small cat size carriers or with those nifty little harnesses with a handle so they can be carted around like a lunch box. “A cat against a crowd of demonstrators?” you’re thinking. Remember,

these “demonstrators” that want the world to believe they are the toughest things since Dirty Harry are mostly snowflakes and tree huggers; they’ll urge violence against law enforcement officers and burn cities, but they won’t harm a cat. And if one does get out-of-line, that old hag, feral cat will lay them open like a fish with a couple lightning quick swipes of a paw; pretty good protection I’d say.

Those new nations set-up within our cities will probably become overrun with rodents, since none of the snowflakes or tree huggers would ever think of killing a mouse or rat. Heck, I have already read a report claiming someone released rats into one of the college “encampments.” Those rodents would soon spread out into the rest of the city, so a crew of feral cats released there could soon take care of the issue. Besides, the only food our feline mousers would be offered by residents there would probably only be vegan.

Well, there you have just a few examples of innovative ways to repurpose feral cats for today’s topsy-turvey world. I see it as a win-win-deal; a few feral cats are taken out of the wild, pet lovers are happy cause’ they weren’t killed and we hunters reap the benefits… Continue to Explore Kansas Outdoors!

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