‘Fitman’ Eric Brown selected as a finalist for the Mr. Health and Fit competition, vote opens today – MoreThanTheCurve

‘Fitman’ Eric Brown selected as a finalist for the Mr. Health and Fit competition, vote opens today – MoreThanTheCurve

“Fitman” Eric Brown, who owns the Fitman Performance and Physique Center in Roslyn, says that the 2024 election is a big deal, but he’s not talking about the election between United States presidential candidates.

Muscle and Fitness magazine, which is the top read in the world for bodybuilding, training, nutrition, and supplementation, is currently holding the 2024 Mr. Health and Fitness competition.

Voting starts today, May 6, at 4:00pm EST and Pennsylvania’s top personal trainer and pro natural bodybuilder, Fitman, has been chosen as a finalist in the nationwide competition.

“I’m humbled, proud, and honored to have been selected as a finalist for the 2024 Mr. Health and Fit competition,” Fitman said. “And as the People’s Trainer, I now need your help in order to win this competition. Nobody can win the championship by themselves and I need a great team, which is you the good people in order to cross the finish line.”

You can vote for Fitman by clicking here.

Why Should Fitman Be Your Choice For Mr. Health and Fit?

“I should be the next Mr. Health and Fit because my life mission and calling is to improve the health and fitness of the world,” Fitman said. “What fuels my undying passion for fitness is experiencing what the extraordinary power of having great health and fitness has positively done for my life, and the lives of my family, friends, and clients. The fact of the matter is that a healthier world is a better world. Being fit, healthy, strong, muscular, possessing a positive mindset and being able to have an extremely high quality of life is the ultimate game changer for anyone looking to maximize how they look, feel, and perform.” “I love to help people in a way that doesn’t use the gimmicks and false expectations that are far too common in the fitness industry. I will always give you the truth even if you don’t like it because the truth will always allow you to move forward and get better.”

Fitman, who won the overall title in bodybuilding and classic physique at the 2022 NGA Mr. Natural Philadelphia to earn his pro cards, needs everybody in the Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Philadelphia communities to vote.

“I need the whole Roslyn, where I was raised, to vote,” he said. “I need the whole Abington to vote from Crestmont to Glenside to Rydal to Willow Grove. I need votes from my loyal supporters in Cheltenham, Norristown, Hatboro, Horsham, and Jenkintown. I need votes from my supporters in Warminster, Warrington, Upper Moreland and Springfield. And of course I need Philadelphia, which is my birthplace, to vote.”

Fitman is no stranger to being involved in national fitness magazine competitions. In 2014 and 2015 he was a finalist for the national Men’s Health Magazine Next Top Trainer competition coming in 7th and 4th place respectively in the United States.

“I love to compete,” Fitman said. “I’m a stone-cold challenge junkie. And being chosen as a finalist from a field of hundreds of the best personal trainers in the United States during the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer competition a decade ago was a great experience and confirmation that I was on the right path. Even though I did not win the title of Next Top Trainer, I learned a lot about the fitness game and grew tremendously as a personal trainer.”

“This opportunity to have a chance to be voted in as Mr. Health and Fit is not something I could pass up. The only shots you miss are the ones you don’t take. And I don’t have the time or any interest in playing the could of, should of, would of game. Talking trash and making excuses from the sidelines never got anyone anywhere.”

Will Fitman be able to win the title of Mr. Health and Fit?

“I cannot win this title without the help of you the people,” Fitman said. “All I humbly ask is for you to click the link and cast your vote. As I’ve done for my entire career in the fitness industry, I will continue to be the ultimate representation of what can happen if you put in a consistent, quality effort over time and continue to believe in yourself even when very few others do.”

Vote now for Fitman by clicking here.

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