Glen Powell trolled by his parents at ‘Hit Man’ premiere: ‘Stop trying to make Glen Powell happen’

Glen Powell trolled by his parents at ‘Hit Man’ premiere: ‘Stop trying to make Glen Powell happen’


We’d expect this from anyone but them.

Glen Powell attended the premiere of his new Netflix movie “Hit Man” on Wednesday, where he ended up getting hilariously roasted by his own parents.

The “Top Gun: Maverick” star, 35, posed for photos on the red carpet with his mom and dad standing behind him holding handmade signs that playfully poked fun at him. “Stop trying to make Glen Powell happen,” a sign held by Powell’s mother said, while his father had another that read, “It’s never gonna happen.”

Powell shared the picture on his Instagram story and jokingly wrote that “the hitman” had been “killed by his own parents.”

In the new film from director Richard Linklater, which hits Netflix June 7, the actor plays a professor who poses as a hitman.

Powell told Entertainment Tonight his parents’ stunt was inspired by reading negative social media posts about his recent career success. “I don’t read tweets but my parents read tweets — so if you’re talking (expletive), know that my parents are reading those tweets,” he told the outlet.

Powell’s parents have had cameos “in basically every single movie I’ve done,” he noted on “The Tonight Show” last year. The two most recently appeared during a sequence in the romantic comedy “Anyone but You” where Sydney Sweeney climbs over his character on a plane. Powell’s mother even gets a reaction shot.

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“At first, they were really excited for me to get new roles and stuff, and now, all they’re concerned about is what they are gonna do in the movie,” Powell quipped on “The Tonight Show,” jokingly dubbing them “nepo mommy and nepo daddy.”

In 2016, Powell told Interview Magazine that getting his parents into his movies started when his mom appeared as an adult spy in 2003’s “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over,” his first film.

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“She had such a good time; it was such a fun thing for all of our friends and family to do, pause the TV like a replay from the NFL,” Powell told the outlet. “Then she played a professor at a party in ‘Jack & Bobby.’ My whole family was in ‘Into the West’ as a pioneer family; they’re in the audience in ‘The Great Debaters.’ My family’s been getting a lot of work off me!”

On Sunday, Powell paid tribute to his mom in a Mother’s Day post, sharing a series of snaps of the two together on Instagram. “Sending love to all the mothers out there and hugs to those who are hurting today,” he wrote.

Though Powell has been acting professionally since 2003, he has been experiencing a career boom since 2022 after playing Hangman opposite Tom Cruise in “Top Gun: Maverick.” Since then, his romantic comedy “Anyone but You” was a hit last year, and after starring in “Hit Man,” he’s also set to lead this summer’s “Twister” sequel “Twisters,” which opens in July.

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