Iranian President: People of world today demand just system prevail in world

Iranian President: People of world today demand just system prevail in world


MASHHAD May 15. 2024 (Saba) – Iranian President, Mr. Ebrahim Raisi, confirmed that the peoples of the world, as a result of the crimes of the Zionist entity, no longer consider the prevailing system in the world to be just, and believe that this system must change and transform into a global system characterized by justice.

Speaking yesterday evening, Tuesday, President Raisi said at the closing ceremony of the Fifth Imam Reza (peace be upon him) World Forum in Mashhad (northeast), according to the Iranian news agency IRNA, that humanity has realized today that the Zionist entity has become a cancerous tumor and must be eradicated, so that the Middle East region can bear witness.

Not only this, but the entire world, security and stability.

He stressed that the world, thanks to the blood of the righteous martyrs, has realized today the right and necessity of applying justice, and that all these crimes against humanity, the killing of children and genocide in Palestine, especially the support of America and the West for these crimes, have aroused regret among the peoples of the world, but what is worse is the ineffectiveness of the human rights systems and unions and international organizations in providing support and protection to the oppressed Palestinian people.

The President of the Republic continued that the demand of the universities of the West and the East, today, has become the liberation of Palestine, the defense of the oppressed in Gaza, and the cry against the oppressors, and it is the demand of all free people in the world, and the formation of a just world order, stressing that the blood of the children of Gaza has that ability to put an end to the Zionist entity.

The President of the Republic affirmed that we have no doubt that the blood of 15,000 Palestinian children shed will put an end to the lives of the Zionists and will make the world order just.


resource : Saba

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