Misr University for Science and Technology hosted a Canadian medical delegation to strengthen cooperation on heart diseases and surgeries

Misr University for Science and Technology hosted a Canadian medical delegation to strengthen cooperation on heart diseases and surgeries

Misr University for Science and Technology and Souad Kafafi University Hospital welcomed a distinguished Canadian medical delegation including esteemed cardiologist and cardiac surgeons’ professors from McGill University and Pierre Boucher Hospital in Montreal. This visit featured an advanced workshop, the usage of cutting-edge Holoray technology, the visit witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding to foster research and scientific collaboration in heart diseases and surgeries.

The Canadian delegation included Prof. Dr. Renzo Cecere, Director of Division of Cardiac Surgery Surgical Director, Heart Failure & Thoracic Transplant Program and Director of Mechanical Cardiac Assistant Program at McGill University, along with Dr. Raji Ibrahim, Head of the Cardiac Catheterization Department at Pierre Boucher Hospital, Canada. They were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Nehad Al-Mahboub, President of Misr University for Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Fouad, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Tamara, Head of the Cardiology Department at the university.

On the sidelines of the visit, a specialized workshop offered a unique platform for senior cardiology and cardiac surgery professors from various Egyptian universities to expand their knowledge and skills. The aim was to foster a rich exchange of experiences and insights, delving into the latest advancements in diagnosing and treating heart diseases. The workshop, focusing on modern Holoray technology, covered various topics, including medical imaging, surgical procedures, and interventional techniques. This was a golden opportunity for participants to engage in fruitful discussions, share their experiences, and pave the way for collaborative research projects.


The Canadian delegation introduced Holoray technology, an advanced 3D innovative technique enabling doctors to visualize patients during surgeries and catheterization globally. This technique offers significant benefits in precision and safety, effectively treating heart conditions.


For the first time in Egypt, Holoray technology was utilized in the case of a diagnostic catheter inside Souad Kafafi University Hospital under the supervision of the Canadian delegation. Souad Kafafi University Hospital is preparing to enter the field of telemedicine, using the latest technologies to monitor patients in various regions, which reflects its commitment to providing the highest-quality in health care to patients.

The esteemed Canadian delegation visit marks a significant milestone in the field of heart disease and surgery between McGill University and Misr University for Science and Technology. The visit, culminating in signing a memorandum of understanding for research cooperation and scientific exchange, underscores the importance of this collaboration. The agreement aims to share knowledge and expertise, develop joint research projects, and collaborate on training and development programs, significantly benefiting local and global scientific and healthcare communities.


The Faculty of Medicine at Misr University for Science and Technology is one of Egypt’s premier medical colleges, graduating thousands of distinguished doctors over the past 25 years. The visit by the Canadian delegation and adopting Holoray technology are part of ongoing development initiatives. Through these programs, the university aims to attract cutting-edge international expertise and technologies while enhancing the skills of doctors at Souad Kafafi Hospital and university’s’ students.


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