NASA alert! 130-foot Asteroid 2024 ME1 rushing toward Earth today; check speed, proximity

NASA alert! 130-foot Asteroid 2024 ME1 rushing toward Earth today; check speed, proximity

A 130-foot asteroid is rushing towards Earth and it is set to get uncomfortably close, NASA says.

NASA says this plane-sized asteroid is travelling at a mind-boggling speed. (Pixabay)

A passenger-plane-sized 130-foot asteroid is all set to get very close to Earth today, NASA alert shows. The asteroid, named Asteroid 2024 ME1 is flying towards Earth at blazing speed and it will get as close as 2,700,000 miles to Earth today July 10, 2024. NASA’s Small-Body Database Lookup reports that the asteroid is traveling at a mind-numbing 18776 miles per hour. The asteroid has been classified as a near-Earth object and belongs to the Amor group of asteroids. It is expected to fly by the Earth, says NASA, but is set to come back in December 2027 when it will be travelling at a faster clip of 20896 miles per hour.

There has been a lot of asteroid activity yesterday around Earth with as many as three zipping by at close quarters with the closest to Earth being the 100-foot Asteroid 2024 NA2. It came as close as 1,400,000 miles to Earth. The farthest one of these three was Asteroid 2024 NR1, which made the closest approach to Earth at 4,030,000 miles.

However, the asteroid activity around Earth is not about to bring any relief. Tomorrow, there will be another big asteroid Earth approach. This is Asteroid 2022 YS5 and it will get as close as 2,620,000 miles of Earth.

NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) tracks all asteroids posing any sort of threat to Earth. It locates new asteroids, and then tracks them from afar as they perform a flyby of Earth. These asteroids can be potentially dangerous if undetected as they are coming very close to earth and any deviation from their orbit can send them tumbling directly toward Earth. Some asteroids even come closer than the Moon to Earth. 

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