New Pringle-themed Crocs will bring you one step closer to combining ‘flavor’ and ‘fashion’

New Pringle-themed Crocs will bring you one step closer to combining ‘flavor’ and ‘fashion’

Crocs are just like pringles, in that, nobody can have just a couple. 

The sentiment is one echoed by Crocs, who partnered with Pringles to bring you a variety of shoes in this one-of-a-kind drop, including a pair of boots, clogs, classic slides and Jibbitz charms. 

With a Pringles x Crocs Classic Crush Boot purchase, buyers will also be eligible to receive Croc-Tail Party flavor, a sleeve of a new Pringles flavor. (They are watermelon chili lime flavored for what its worth.) 

The new flavor is said to “perfectly capture” the essence of the collaboration, packing a “fusion of sweet, spicy and tangy in every bite.” 

“We brought the flavor of this vibrant partnership to life — literally, with Pringles Croc-Tail Party — and with a collection that allows fans to express their taste in snacks and fashion,” Mauricio Jenkins, a Pringles marketing lead said in a news release.

The Pringles x Crocs shoes are available now — until supplies last.

Crocs x Pringles creation seen on celebs, numerous styles offered

If you are wondering about who might wear the Pringles out of these Crocs, look no further than Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, who were sporting the Pringles x Crocs Classic Crush Boot at Coachella over the weekend. 

Simpson, who is a Crocs partner, wrote on Instagram: “Another day in the desert in the new @pringles and @crocs Classic Crush Boot.”

 The boots Simpson was rocking were designed with a “custom holster to store a grab-and-go Pringles can so fashionistas and snackers alike can carry their favorite crisps on their favorite shoes.” 

A Crocs collaboration isn’t complete with a pair or multiple pairs of clogs, and this time is no different. 

Except this time, Mr. P is the focal point of the clogs, with elements of his design appearing on each of the four mix-and-match colors. Each color was designed to symbolize a fan-favorite Pringles flavor. 

The drop also includes a pair of classic slides that don a “black-and-white Mr. P design” and a number of Pringles x Crocs Jibbitz charms. 

Crocs known for creating buzz, other memorable collaborations

This isn’t the first time Crocs has gone a little off the wall, creating bold footwear for anyone or anything you might think of. Especially, in recent years.

Crocs collaborations are known for inciting horror, fascination and even excitement, USA TODAY previously reported.

The brand has made Shrek Crocs, Taco Bell-themed Croc slides, Barbie clogs, Minecraft themed Crocs and even Croc cowboy boots in the last year.  Some of these products may still be available online, if you are interested. 

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