PM Anwar Urges Universities To Lead In Solar Energy Research – BusinessToday

PM Anwar Urges Universities To Lead In Solar Energy Research – BusinessToday

In a significant move to bolster Malaysia’s energy transition efforts, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has called on educational institutions to intensify their research and development in new energy fields, particularly solar energy. This announcement came during his visit to Terengganu, where he launched the 100 MW hybrid Cypark Solar Power Plant in Merchang.

“Efforts like this are crucial in advancing the nation’s critical agenda concerning energy transition,” Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said during the launch. He emphasized the importance of leveraging research opportunities in energy transition, akin to the initiatives undertaken by developed countries.

Prime Minister Anwar urged educational institutions conducting research to collaborate closely with ministries and the private sector. “I urge all educational institutions conducting research to collaborate with ministries and the private sector to develop new fields, particularly in solar energy,” he stated. This collaboration, he believes, is essential for fostering innovation and ensuring Malaysia remains competitive in the global energy sector.

Highlighting the role of companies with expertise, Anwar stressed the importance of training the youth in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) fields. These fields, he noted, can provide valuable employment opportunities for the community, contributing to both economic growth and national progress. “Companies with expertise should then train the youth in TVET fields that can provide employment for the community, benefiting economic and national advancement,” he added.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim also underscored the alignment of these initiatives with Malaysia’s broader environmental goals. “I believe that strengthening this ecosystem aligns perfectly with the national target of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050,” he concluded.

This call to action by the Prime Minister highlights the critical role of educational institutions and research in driving Malaysia’s sustainable energy future, setting a strong foundation for achieving the country’s ambitious carbon neutrality goals.

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