‘Sloppy Drunkenness’: Golf World Reacts As Weird WM Phoenix Open Fan Moment Goes Viral

‘Sloppy Drunkenness’: Golf World Reacts As Weird WM Phoenix Open Fan Moment Goes Viral

With every passing year, the rowdiness and bizarreness of the WM Phoenix Open increase multifold. But this year, the craziness seems to have increased beyond measure. Why, you may wonder? Well, keep reading, as it turns out bad weather was not the only bizarre thing that happened at the fan-favorite event this year.

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From becoming accident-prone following a fan’s unfortunate fall on the greens to now a fan openly committing public indecency, the event’s audience seems to know no bounds.  This new low manifested itself as a viral video of a fan pissing himself in the open during the event. The fan seemed to be in an extremely drunken position.

Yes, you heard that right. An extremely drunken fan was witnessed sitting on a chair near a compost bin on the greens with a bottle in hand and urinating himself. Weirdly enough, the people around him did not seem to notice it, as seen in the video. Possibly because weirdness has become the new norm when associated with the People’s Open.


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However, the wasted fan could not go unseen in the eyes of social media. The online fans were not as full of mercy as the offline ones. So how did the golf world react?

The golf world reacts to the indecent act by the fan

Fans were quick to react to the viral video. While some used humor to define their stance on the matter, others were quick to express their anger at the drunken fan in the video.

Here are some of the reactions:

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An angry fan was quick to point out how this is not their definition of party and even put the blame on the state of Arizona for this public indecency.

A fair share of fans were quick to hint at the “sloppy drunkenness” that has become the norm at the Waste Management Open. While some criticized the extreme level of craziness, others were quick to add a ‘d’ to ‘Waste’ in the event name and turn it into “Wasted Management.”

This disgusting incident even acted as a reason enough to change a fan’s mind about visiting TPC Scottsdale. It is safe to say that the increased drunkenness is costing the PGA Tour a fair share of ticket money.

Pointing at the presented situation’s weird nature, a fan made a joke stating the WM Phoenix needs to do what its name suggests better.

Adding to the ongoing jokes in the comments section, a fan was quick to compare the drunken fan’s act of pissing himself to that of a leaking roof.


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All in all, the famous platform was filled with back-to-back reactions after this bizarre video came to light, and rightfully so.


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What do you think about such behavior by fans? Share your views in the comments section below.

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