Some CU Boulder police sporting new look

Some CU Boulder police sporting new look

There’s something new under the sun on the CU Boulder campus, and those who spend time helping to ensure public safety outdoors are appreciative of the extra protection from the elements.

CU Boulder Police Officers and Residential Service Officers are now allowed to wear cowboy hats meeting certain specifications—black wool felt, a brim of four and a half inches or less, a classic Stetson-style creased crown, black hatband with silver or tarnished silver buckle set, with no additional adornment— with their regular uniforms.

The special order to amend the dress code policy came about after several officers, who spend long hours on patrol and supporting security at outdoor events such as football games and concerts, requested to be allowed to wear the hats. 

CUPD showed off the new look on its social media accounts, giving a nod to Head Football Coach Deion Sanders’ trend-setting fashion sense. Coach Prime, who is often seen wearing cowboy hats, shared the post, noting his gratitude for the police department’s support.

“We feel the same. We are proud to support the coach, his staff and the entire CU Buffs football team in every way we can, especially in building strong relationships,” said Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Safety and Chief of Police Doreen Jokerst. 

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office recently began allowing cowboy hats, so the updated policy also allows for a consistent look among public safety partners who help support CUPD with campus wide and local events. 

The wearing of cowboy hats is, of course, optional but could prove to be popular. 

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