Submarine-sized 120-ft asteroid to approach Earth today at 20,993 Km/h: NASA | – Times of India

Submarine-sized 120-ft asteroid to approach Earth today at 20,993 Km/h: NASA | – Times of India

Asteroid 2022 YS5, a 120-foot space rock comparable in size to a submarine, is set to make a close approach to Earth today. This asteroid, first discovered by astronomers in 2022, has been closely monitored by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and other space agencies. The asteroid is traveling at a staggering speed of 20,993 kilometers per hour, making its closest approach to our planet at a distance of approximately 4,210,000 kilometers.
Asteroid 2022 YS5’s approach is significant due to its size and speed. Measuring 120 feet in diameter, it is roughly the size of a medium-sized ship or yacht. The asteroid’s rapid velocity and relatively close proximity to Earth have made it a subject of interest for scientists and astronomers worldwide. NASA’s JPL has been tracking the asteroid’s trajectory to ensure that it poses no threat to Earth. Despite its close approach, the asteroid is expected to pass safely by our planet.


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The discovery of asteroid 2022 YS5 was made possible through the efforts of astronomers using advanced telescopes and tracking systems. These technologies allow scientists to detect and monitor near-Earth objects (NEOs) that could potentially pose a threat to our planet. The asteroid was first observed in 2022, and since then, its orbit has been carefully studied to predict its future movements. This close approach provides an opportunity for scientists to gather valuable data about the asteroid’s composition and behavior.
NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) plays a significant role in monitoring and tracking near-Earth objects like asteroid 2022 YS5. The PDCO works in collaboration with international space agencies and observatories to detect, track, and characterize potentially hazardous asteroids and comets. By studying these objects, scientists can develop strategies to mitigate potential threats and protect our planet from future impacts.
While asteroid 2022 YS5 poses no immediate danger, it highlights the need for ongoing efforts to monitor and study near-Earth objects. The data collected during this close approach will contribute to our understanding of asteroids and help improve our ability to predict and respond to potential threats.
The close approach of asteroid 2022 YS5 is also an opportunity for public engagement and education. Events like these capture the imagination of people around the world and provide a chance to learn more about our solar system and the objects that inhabit it. NASA and other space agencies often use such occasions to share information and raise awareness about the importance of space exploration and planetary defense.
As asteroid 2022 YS5 makes its close approach to Earth, scientists will continue to monitor its trajectory and gather data. This information will be used to refine our understanding of the asteroid’s orbit and behavior, as well as to improve our ability to detect and track other near-Earth objects. The ongoing study of asteroids like 2022 YS5 is essential for ensuring the safety and security of our planet in the future.

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