The Korean Brands Loved by NewJeans

The Korean Brands Loved by NewJeans

Bursting onto the scene last year, NewJeans have always set themselves apart from other K-Pop idol groups. They are forces to be reckoned with in the fashion world – Danielle has been named global ambassador for Burberry, Hyein for Louis Vuitton, and Minji and Hanni for Chanel and Gucci respectively.

Their style in music videos has also brought about buzz and excitement. Each look – from the high-teen aesthetic in their debut Attention to the throwback schoolgirl look in Ditto and the bunny hats in OMG – went viral. True to their K-Pop roots, NewJeans’ style involves mixing and matching punkish Vivienne Westwood and classic Chanel items with pieces from Korean brands.

Hypebeast Korea went over different NewJeans outfits to date – from dazzling stage looks, to everyday ‘fits worn on day-offs and dance practices. As NewJeans’ stylings are at peak hype right now, read on for a list of Korean brands that make up their style and wardrobes.

Directors: Boyoung Kim, Jiyoung Kim

What’s New: The brand opened their first flagship store in Hannam-dong.

Ballet flats to really get on the Balletcore trend – the squared toe and ribbon detail really completes the package. Although black and white are offered as color options, the pink one most definitely does them justice.

Directors: Daeun Hong, Yoon In

What’s New: An exhibition in Paris was launched to unveil their second collaboration with stylist Jamie-Maree Shipton a.k.a Airtomyearth.

Their No.2 Denim Heeled Boots are a must-have for an effortless statement touch. The sneaker-like silhouette, double stripes on the side, and embroidered number patches at the back complete the boots with a sporty touch.

Director: Jisu Seo

Although sold out right now, their logo-branded tie is a great centerpiece for piecing together a preppy look. Sitting at knee length, the pleated skirt is also pretty versatile when it comes to styling opportunities – you can wear it by itself, or layer it over a pair of pants for an alternative touch.

Director: Darami Jung

Worn by Hanni, the tank top with suspenders is worth highlighting. It also pairs well with vibrant accessories and quirky beaded jewelry that makes for a breezy summer festival look.

Director: Boha Cheon, Yirye

Tuewid is known for its loose-fitting and comfortable T-Shirts, and the spray-paint-effect Mean Girl tee is no exception. It features lightly printed lettering, which is paired with bright cherry graphics for contrast.

Director: Hyunwoo Kim

Their hot-pink graphic sweatshirt with shoulder cutout details and a relaxed fit.

Director: Dami Kwon, Jessica Jung

What’s New: The brand just released its 2023 Fall/Winter collection.

Their Shaky Logo Striped Mohair Sweater is pretty iconic for the unusual stripe designs, which resemble scribbles and doodles offering a playful mood.

Director: Hyein Seo, Jino

What’s New: Just unveiled their 2023 Fall/Winter collection in Paris.

The washed cargo pants with signature Hyein Seo details. This item feels extra special as it has been reinterpreted and reiterated across multiple seasons.

Director: Jung Hee Choi

What’s New: The brand presented its 2023 Fall/Winter collection at London Fashion Week.

The cropped football jersey with frill details is styled with a thin ribbon around the waist to bring a silhouette that is sporty yet delicate.

Director: Giseok Cho

What’s New: KUSHIKOHC was named semi-finalist for the 2023 LVMH prize.

The double-breasted Origami coat, is handmade using a fitting origami folded stitching technique – notice the laser cut details in the front and back that accentuates the details of the piece.

Director: Jihyung Choi

The cargo skirt pants, which is essentially a skirt that can be attached to leg warmers so that they can be worn as pants. Unusual details like the curved zippers at the back and semi-transparent side pockets also really bring out its statement appeal.

Director: Jae Kim

Similar to the ones NewJeans wore on stage, the Fairy Earclip 02 doesn’t require piercings to wear and comes embellished with freshwater pearls, synthetic crystals, and glass beads.

What’s New: A pop-up sale of current and previous seasons took place between March 4 – 5.

Check out the blouson jacket in black or gray that transforms into a backpack!

Director: Goeun Choi

The Butterfly Lace Bow Top features a layered look in a figure-accentuating silhouette. Its attached with a self-tie keeps things interesting, as it allows the top to be worn in three different ways.

Elsewhere in fashion, Khoki Fall/Winter 2023 is all about creating a mystical fantasy.

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