TomTom launches live Paris Traffic Index ahead of Olympics | Traffic Technology Today

TomTom launches live Paris Traffic Index ahead of Olympics | Traffic Technology Today

TomTom, the location technology specialist, has launched a special edition of its live TomTom Traffic Index, focusing on the City of Paris that is expecting an influx of people and cars amid the upcoming Olympic Games.

This special page allows users to view traffic conditions in Paris in real time, providing observers with indications of the level of congestion compared with a normal situation, and to get real-time journey times.

To cope with the reorganised traffic during the Olympics period, multiple manoeuvring instructions, including new alterations to traffic flow and turning rules, have been modified by the French authorities. In the Paris metropolitan area alone, more than 2,000 map updates have been reported in TomTom maps since January 2024, far more than in any other European city.

With millions of visitors expected, efficient traffic management is even more indispensable in one of the most congested cities in the world, according to the latest TomTom Traffic Index. During the Olympics, exceptional traffic is expected due to traffic-restricted areas, road closures in and around Paris, and special reserved lanes for officials, athletes, and security vehicles.

Through a close collaboration with the French Ministry of Transport and Paris traffic authorities, TomTom will receive all traffic management decisions. TomTom has a dedicated team working 24/7 to ingest this information into the map. TomTom, which supplies its location-based services to numerous manufacturers, mobility professionals and application developers, will report all traffic incidents, closures and blockages to enable motorists and professionals to get around in a transformed Paris during the Olympic period.

The DiRIF (Direction des Routes d’Île-de-France), the highway authority for the Paris metropolitan area, has been using for the past few months, a traffic data platform from PTV Group, one of the world’s leading providers of software for real-time traffic planning, simulation and management, powered by TomTom Traffic data. This platform enables DiRIF to better inform road users of current traffic conditions, journey times or road closures. The DiRIF has also integrated this data into its traffic platform, an online service that provides real-time traffic information to drivers.

TomTom’s commitment extends beyond the Olympics, with plans to maintain and update traffic information and road closures long after the summer, ensuring long-term benefits for the residents and visitors of Paris.

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