Top Tech News Today: Logitech G515 Lightspeed TKL Wireless Keyboard Launched In India

Top Tech News Today: Logitech G515 Lightspeed TKL Wireless Keyboard Launched In India

Logitech G515 Lightspeed TKL Wireless Keyboard In India

Logitech has launched its latest offering for the gaming peripherals market — the Logitech G515 Lightspeed TKL wireless keyboard. This new mechanical keyboard from the PC accessories manufacturer comes with several features designed to enhance the user’s typing experience. The G515 Lightspeed TKL incorporates noise-reducing foam and pre-lubricated switches, along with built-in stabilisers and it is available in two colours: black and white. It can be bought for Rs 14,195. The keyboard’s design includes low-profile keys and a slim 22mm profile, which may eliminate the need for users to purchase a separate wrist rest. Logitech has ensured compatibility with its proprietary software suite, including Lightspeed, Lightsync, and Keycontrol. The G515 is equipped with PBT keycaps, known for their durability and texture. These keycaps have a short travel distance of 3.2mm, which could appeal to users who prefer a more responsive typing experience. 

Chris Espinosa Is Apple’s Longest-Serving Employee

Apple Inc.’s longest-serving employee is Chris Espinosa, who holds the postition of being the company’s most tenured staff member, with a history dating back to Apple’s earliest days. Espinosa’s journey with Apple began in 1977 when he was just a teenager of 14. At that time, the fledgling company was operating out of the family home of co-founder Steve Jobs. Jobs himself brought Espinosa on board as a part-time worker while the latter was still attending school, says a report by Hindustan Times. In the same year, when Apple officially incorporated as a business entity, Espinosa transitioned to become one of its first formal employees. He was assigned the employee number 8, signifying his early involvement with the company.

It’s worth noting that Apple was established by Steve Jobs along with his co-founder, Steve Wozniak. Espinosa’s enduring presence at Apple spans from those garage-based beginnings to the tech giant’s current status as one of the world’s most valuable companies.

WhatsApp’s New Context Card For Group Chat Rolling Out

Meta-owned WhatsApp on Tuesday, July 9, launched a new safety measure for group chats. The new group chat safety feature on WhatsApp aims to enhance user security when interacting with unfamiliar groups. When an unknown person adds you to a group, WhatsApp will now provide a brief overview of the group’s details, or send a context card, which is designed to help users make informed decisions about their inclusion in unfamiliar group conversations.

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Microsoft Mandates iPhones For China Employees

In a significant change in its device policy for employees in China, Microsoft has announced that starting this September, itwill limit work-related mobile device usage to Apple iPhones exclusively. This means Microsoft is effectively phasing out Android devices for its employees in China, says a report by news agency Bloomberg.

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Moto G85 India Launch: Price, Key Features Teased

The upcoming Motorola Moto G85’s price for the Indian market has been accidentlally revealed through a Flipkart listing that appeared in Google search results. This unexpected reveal comes just a day before the smartphone’s official launch, scheduled for July 10, Wednesday. According to the leaked information, the high-end variant of the Moto G85, featuring 12GB of RAM, may be priced aggressively under the Rs 20,000 mark. This pricing strategy could position the device as an attractive option in its segment.

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