Two Medals at the World Parachuting Championship

Two Medals at the World Parachuting Championship

The Hungarian soldiers achieved impressive results at the World Parachuting Championship: ensign Tamás Varga came second in the individual accuracy landing and the Hungarians finished third in the team accuracy landing, Brigade Commander Tamás Bali said on Wednesday in Szolnok (central Hungary) at the 46th World Military Parachuting Championship prize-giving ceremony of the International Military Sports Council (CISM).

Tamás Bali noted: thirty-five nations took part in the World Championship, and the teams did their best to achieve the best results. He stressed that there was a serious competition in all three events – accuracy landing, style jump and formation skydiving. He said that the Chinese and the Germans had done particularly well at the World Championships, while in the team event, the Qataris and the Americans had performed very well.

Announcement of the results. Photo: MTI/Máthé Zoltán

The jumps and the competition were secured by Hungarian Army helicopters and there were no injuries.

Photo: MTI/Máthé Zoltán

Photo: MTI/Máthé Zoltán

In the framework of the cooperation between the General Staff and MouldTech Systems Kft., drone meteorological measurements helped the organizers, reported. The data of the measuring drone equipped with special sensors were available to the organizers within a few minutes after the performances. The data provided a detailed insight of the wind conditions, temperature and humidity characteristics of the lower 2.5 km layer of the atmosphere, which is particularly important with regard for drifting.

In addition, meteorologists from the 86th Kiss József Helicopter Brigade of the Hungarian Defense Forces used the information to help them make forecasts for the safe and successful conduct of the World Championship.


First places were achieved by Samuel Wallrath of Germany in the junior mixed style jump, Tatjana Gustke of Germany in the women’s style jump and Elischa Weber of Germany in the men’s style jump.


The top step of the podium went to Lukas Zwicker of Switzerland in the junior mixed individual accuracy landing, Jao Xiao of China in the women’s individual accuracy landing and Stefan Wiesner of Germany in the men’s individual accuracy landing.

In the latter category, Hungarian ensign Tamás Varga finished second.

Photo: MTI/Máthé Zoltán

The South Korean women’s team and the Belgian men’s team came first in the formation skydiving category.

Photo:öff Gergely

The Chinese women’s team and the Czech men’s team triumphed in the accuracy landing, with the Hungarians taking bronze in the latter event.

The next World Championship will be held in Spain in two years’ time.

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Via MTI,; Featured image:öff Gergely

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