Video shows bull attack tourist who was feeding the animal on a Mexico beach

Video shows bull attack tourist who was feeding the animal on a Mexico beach


One tourist in Mexico forgot the saying, “don’t mess with a bull or you’ll get horns.”

Video shows a woman being attacked by a bull while on a beach in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. In a rage, the bull is seen striking the woman as other tourists watched with horror and disbelief.

Prior to the attack, the bull can be seen accepting food from the woman that she was feeding him under a canopy. The two became brief friends until the unexpected retaliation occurred.

The bull knocked the woman to the ground and continued to attack her as she lay on the sand while making several attempts to escape.

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On the video, a beachgoer is heard saying, “I’m going to help.”

There’s no word of the status of the woman or her injuries. USA TODAY reached out to Los Cabos travel authorities for more information.

Bulls are native to the area

According to local news outlet El Sudcaliforniano, farm animals live in the area and there are several farms located not far from the beach.

Víctor Manuel Torres García, an operational coordinator of the Federal Maritime Land Zone, told the outlet the animals often come to the beach. However, Torres García does not recommend tourists feed the animals for risk of the animals retaliating.

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