Video Shows How to Shop in the Upcoming Unmanned Stores

Video Shows How to Shop in the Upcoming Unmanned Stores

In a short time, up to 150 stores could be operating in Hungary without staff. There are many advantages of this kind of stores, but Hungarian shoppers will certainly have to get to grips with its technology, Világgazdaság writes.

As Hungary Today recently reported, the first unmanned shops will be launched in Hungary this summer, opening a new chapter in Hungarian retailing. Although there are already fully automated smaller shops in the country, they can only operate efficiently and economically on a small scale. Large-scale automated grocery stores have not yet opened in Hungary.

There are already plenty of examples of such shops abroad, such as the Czech Republic, Poland. In Hungary, the first shop without staff will be opened in the summer, followed by 4-5 more this year. Reportedly, current plans are to increase the number of these shops to 150 in the short term. It is therefore worth being prepared for how shopping in these shops will be done.

First of all, it is important to know that the first shops without a salesperson will operate in a so-called hybrid model.

This means that they will welcome customers during the day as they do today, but will be open outside normal opening hours in an unmanned mode.

These shops will never have to close, they can operate 24/7.

Photo: Facebook/Laurel

To use these new types of shops, you will need an app,

  • which requires you to download your personal details, supported by a photo ID.
  • The app will generate a single-use QR code that can be used to enter the shop and scanned by the automatic access system.
  • At this point, the customer will be asked to take a photo of him/herself from both the front and profile to verify that the photo ID uploaded to the app matches.
  • Once this has been done, the customer can shop in the usual way, by simply adding the desired products to the shopping cart. All this is facilitated by electronic labels.
  • As there are no staff, including cashiers, payment is made at the self-service checkouts.
  • Here you also have to scan the QR code that identifies you and you can only pay by credit card.
  • To exit the shop, you have to scan the receipt you receive at the automatic entry system.

In addition, a complex security system is in place in the store. The store’s CCTV footage is also monitored by an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that detects suspicious, unusual movements and immediately alerts the remote monitoring security officer who then can intervene. Of course, they are also available if customers need assistance. The system also handles the issue of alcoholic beverages, since only adults are allowed to enter the shop when it is not staffed.

The portal points out that this technology can even be adapted to existing shops with an average floor area of 300-500 square meters.

The Czechs already have around 100 such shops, not only in the food category, but also in the DIY and pet food categories.


The technological background for the unmanned shops was developed by Laurel Kft. in Hungary. They have developed the first online checkout licensed in Hungary and the first Hungarian fully self-checkout. Laurel operates around 6,000 cash register installations in Hungary, of which 700 are self-service, installed in the last three to four years. The company has also carried out a complete cashier replacement for Decathlon’s Hungarian network, for instance, so that the chain now only uses self-service checkouts.

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Via Világgazdaság, Featured image: Facebook/Laurel

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