Why is it only women who have to juggle jobs and childcare? | Brief letters

Why is it only women who have to juggle jobs and childcare? | Brief letters

Instead of women doing the juggling yet again (‘I did standup with my baby strapped to me’ – the comics motherhood can’t stop, 14 March), when will we see a story headlined “The men who juggle comedy gigs with childcare”? Give us some male juggling role models please. And please champion the opportunity for all parents to work and care for children.
Sheena Roberts

Your report suggesting that Birmingham will create a “first of its kind” rooftop farm is only partially true (From grey to green: unique farm on top of car park proposed for Birmingham, 13 March). Here in Stockport, our very own Where the Light Gets In restaurant negotiated use of the top storey of a car park to turn it into an allotment garden more than 12 months ago. Much of the produce is then used by the restaurant.
Alan Gent
Cheadle, Cheshire

Re Dr Khosro Jahdi’s letter (12 March), “pirouette” has been accepted as an English word since the 18th century. Now excuse me while I take a promenade to the cafe for a rendezvous that may lead to an amour – or a cul-de-sac.
Rod Riesco
Bolton, Greater Manchester

Despite what the quick crossword (13 March) claims, a spade is not synonymous with a shovel – the main differences being shape, function and the technique for using it.
Dave Young
St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex

I have an additional rule for our fridge (Know your onions! The definitive and surprising guide to organising your fridge, 13 March) and that is to store my eclectic collection of out-of-date worldwide condiments on the top shelf, where my shorter wife cannot reach to cull them.
Ron Jacob

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