“Why Would You Support That Fraud” – Lionel Messi Gets Torched After Trae Young Dons the 2022 FIFA World Cup Winner’s Jersey – Sportsmanor

“Why Would You Support That Fraud” – Lionel Messi Gets Torched After Trae Young Dons the 2022 FIFA World Cup Winner’s Jersey – Sportsmanor

Trae Young made headlines when he arrived in Argentina’s football jersey for last night’s game. Young donned Lionel Messi’s No.10 Jersey with the latest 3 Star jersey for the game against the San Antonio Spurs. A day before World Cup Finals, Young took to Twitter and wished for Messi’s jersey, “I need a Messi Jersey!!,” said Young. For which the guard received a hilarious reaction from the fans after his tweet.

After last night, Young got his wishes, as he donned the No.10 Argentina jersey worn by none other than Lionel Messi. The jersey contained a third star as a sign of the 3rd World Cup won by Argentina. The Argentina fans across the world, especially back home went berzerk. The entire nation took to the streets as Messi brought home their 3rd world cup. However, not everyone is a Lionel Messi and Argentina fan. 

Some fans took to Twitter to not appreciate him wearing Argentina’s jersey, especially Messi’s. Despite Messi winning the World Cup, the argentine playmaker has barely made an impact with Paris Saint-Germain. Paris was knocked out by Bayern Munich after Messi failed to make an impact. Young put up a dismal performance, after wearing the jersey, which had the fans react to it on Twitter. “Trae… why would you support that fraud,” a fan wrote.





The fans didn’t have any of it after Trae managed to get 9 points for the Hawks and playing 29 minutes. it was a rare loss for the young guard, who failed to inspire the Hawks to a win. The Hawks are clinging on to the 8th seed at the moment and need inspiration if they wish to go deep in the postseason.

A rare dismal performance from Trae Young against the San Antonio Spurs

Trae is the best player at the Atlanta Hawks, however, last night against the Spurs, he had a shocking performance. With the changes in the Hawks’ management, Quin Snyder takes charge as the new head coach. However, with Young’s defensive game still below par, his offensive prowess is what he excels at. Despite being the 10th-best scorer in the league he managed to put up single digits against the Spurs last night.


Trae this season is the reason, they are 8th in the Eastern Conference. He is averaging 27.0 points and 10.1 assists per game for the Hawks. He is also 3rd in assists in the league. One bad game from a top player can be spared. However, with 11 games to go in the postseason, they will have to muster up some strength as they face strong opposition, and are barely making it for a playoff spot. 

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