World War Z: Aftermath free “Battle of Arizona” update out today |

World War Z: Aftermath free “Battle of Arizona” update out today |


Saber Interactive has announced that the free “Battle of Arizona” update for World War Z: Aftermath has dropped today. The update adds a brand new map for the Horde Mode XL (playable on PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5), while the team has also released the new Desert Defenders Weapon Pack.

The press release says: “Set in an abandoned military museum in Phoenix, this latest map takes the war against the swarms to challenging new extremes. Do you have what it takes to hold the line against impossible odds?”

Check out the trailer, below:


Back to the Desert Defenders pack, that is a “a premium bundle featuring the new Kukri melee weapon that slices AND dices, as well as four new desert-themed, military-grade weapon skins specially crafted for the DE50 pistol, 1877 SBL rifle, TMP5 SMG, and M500 shotgun. The Desert Defenders Weapons Pack is available for €4.99 | £3.99”.

On top of that, there’s a free update for owners of the original game as well as Aftermath, including:

  • New Power-up – Improving Bags: Discover all-new Improving Bag power-ups on PvE and Horde Mode maps for a crucial advantage in the heat of battle! Arm yourself with a variety of bonuses, including a unique boost to strikes, increased ammo capacity, and an additional equipment slot.
  • Class Swapping in Horde Mode and Horde Mode XL: Players can now change their class once during each preparation wave, giving you a chance to adjust your tactics in a pinch!
  • Custom Player Portrait Frames: Show off your accomplishments with new customizable player portrait frames, which are displayed in lobbies and on the scoreboard.

In case you didn’t know, World War Z: Aftermath can be played with full cross-play between PC and consoles now, and this new Arizona campaign episode adds to the other episodes that take place in New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Jerusalem, Rome, and more.

World War Z: Aftermath is out now for PC and consoles.

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