Applied Information and Currux Vision partner to improve roadway safety | Traffic Technology Today

Applied Information and Currux Vision partner to improve roadway safety | Traffic Technology Today

Applied Information and Currux Vision have signed a new partnership to offer innovative and broader traffic insight and proactive safety solutions for increasingly challenged traffic management systems.

The partnership will combine the two firms’ technical advantages by integrating Currux Vision’s Smart City ITS intersection AI technology with the Applied Information Glance Smart City Supervisory Platform.

Glance, a cloud-based software solution, streamlines management of traffic infrastructure and ITS assets by enabling remote monitoring and real-time control. Deployed in approximately 1,200 communities across the US and Canada, Glance offers seamless access via smartphones, tablets, or desktops, ensuring convenient and efficient management from anywhere, at any time.

Currux Vision Smart City ITS is a fully integrated AI hardware and software solution that delivers real time, autonomous control systems for traffic management including vehicle, incident, and ped/bicycle detection, actuation, big data analytics and alerts, real-time signal timing optimization and connected vehicle infrastructure.

The platform accurately provides advanced safety analytics that identify, document, and warn of near misses, speeding, red/yellow light running, etc., as well as proactive management of physical signs, traffic lights, RSUs etc.

“We are excited to partner with Applied Information to use industrial grade AI for ITS, focused on reliability and safety. The collaboration will achieve a breakthrough in communications between transportation infrastructure, road users and managers, opening vast new opportunities with connected and autonomous vehicles, traffic safety and data driven and efficient city planning,” said Alexander Colosivschi, founder, and CEO of Currux Vision.

“The integration of Currux AI technology with Glance equips traffic managers with advanced predictive capabilities, enabling them to pinpoint and address safety issues at problem locations before they escalate into incidents resulting in injury or fatality,” added Bryan Mulligan, president of Applied Information. “This is the promise of artificial intelligence coming to fruition to make the world a better, safer place.”

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