Today is World Cocktail Day, celebrate with Ohio’s favorite classic cocktail order

Today is World Cocktail Day, celebrate with Ohio’s favorite classic cocktail order

CLEVELAND, Ohio — It’s World Cocktail Day and the data proves that many Ohioans most likely will pick one classic cocktail to celebrate with. analyzed a year of Google Trends data, starting April 2023, to determine the most popular cocktails in America and Canada based on the number of searches. Overall, the margarita was Ohioans’ top drink of choice.

Ohio isn’t alone in loving the simple tequila drink. Margaritas were the top cocktail in 31 states, making it America’s favorite cocktail.

In general, Ohioans are drinking more tequila than ever in 2024, according to state sales data, so it’s not that surprising that the margarita came out on top.

According to the research, the martini came in second, snagging the top spot in nine states and Washington, D.C. In third place was the five-state favorite Constantine cocktail. Mojitos, piña coladas and Bloody Marys were the final few favorites.

A margarita is not just delicious, but it’s simple to make. Tequila, orange liqueur and fresh lime juice are all that are really required to create the traditional version. Plus, there are so many riffs on the margarita from sweet to savory to spicy that keep it interesting, even if it’s your go-to bar order.

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