Boomi unveils groundbreaking vision for AI economy at Boomi World

Boomi unveils groundbreaking vision for AI economy at Boomi World

Intelligent integration and automation provider Boomi unveiled its visionary blueprint for the future at the recent Boomi World 2024. Along with key product launches, Boomi also announced strategic acquisitions. It has pivoted towards the AI economy, focusing on integration, automation, API, and data management.

During his keynote, Steve Lucas, CEO of Boomi, underscored the transformative impact of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Lucas described iPaaS as a catalyst for enhancing speed, agility, and operational effectiveness. With a footprint spanning more than 20,000 global customers and approximately 800 partners, Boomi’s iPaaS facilitates connectivity by seamlessly linking people, systems, devices, and applications. It scaffolds stronger relationships and facilitates swift, informed decision-making through real-time data access.

Lucas addressed the industry’s urgent need for a unified enterprise-scale platform that bridges APIs, applications, data, and AI models to accelerate digital transformation. To that end, Boomi, steered by its new vision, announced significant enhancements to its Enterprise Platform. These include next-generation API management catering to the AI economy, an AI agent framework enabling out-of-the-box AI agents and their automation, and improved data management to support data quality, lineage and metadata management.

Addressing the increasing API fragmentation problem, Matt McLarty, CTO at Boomi, stated that today’s AI economy requires next-generation API management (APIM) solutions that can take stock of a fragmented APIM landscape and cater to the escalating demands of AI workloads. To provide such a solution, Boomi announced the acquisition of APIIDA’s federated API management business and API management assets from Cloud Software Group. McLarty opined that these acquisitions would leapfrog Boomi’s roadmap in solving the most pressing API management challenges today.

To propel innovation in the AI economy, Boomi introduced the Boomi AI agent framework. New agents built into the platform include Boomi Answers (for prescriptive help), Boomi DataDetective (for classifying data fields and protecting sensitive data), Boomi DesignGen (for autonomously building integrations), and Boomi Scribe (for automatically documenting integrations). Third-party AI agents can also be integrated, as the framework is open to third parties and supports pluggable AI agents.

On this note, Lucas announced a strategic OEM agreement with Vianai Systems, a provider of conversational AI solutions for finance. Customers can seamlessly connect to ‘Boomi FinTalk’ powered by Vianai via the Boomi AI agent framework. Dr. Vishal Sikka, Founder and CEO at Vianai Systems, commented that this synergistic product is geared towards solving accuracy and security issues in generative AI. It enables real-time, accurate, and actionable insights to drive business transformation.

Boomi also introduced Boomi DataHub, a master data layer for operational, analytical, and AI workloads. It provides master data management, integration pipelines, and a framework that will expand over time to provide other data management capabilities. Lucas emphasised that centralising data has proved futile for companies. What’s needed is building connectivity, governance, and automation into IT resources. The new and improved Boomi Enterprise Platform offers the foundation for connecting and managing all their data and for accelerating AI and API development.

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