Ex-NBA Superstar Says LeBron James is On a Secret Mission

Ex-NBA Superstar Says LeBron James is On a Secret Mission

Even though he hasn’t been in uniform in almost a month, LeBron James — not surprisingly — hasn’t failed to make headlines. While he’s been busy chopping it up with potential Lakers head coach JJ Redick on his podcast, James took time out to travel to Cleveland and sit courtside at a Cavs playoff game. Coming to know James after all these years, we know there’s a method to the madness behind his every move. Recently, a former Boston Celtics superstar offered his two cents on why James chose to sit courtside Monday night.

Rival Reads Into LeBron James’ Next Move

On a recent episode of UNDISPUTED, Celtics legend Paul Pierce said James isn’t doing something he hasn’t done many times already.

“This could be a calculated move, you know?” Pierce said. “LeBron is known for making chess moves out here. To go to a Cleveland game? Right now? I know that’s home for him and everything, but he could be lining up to make a move to Cleveland.”

Pierce is right about one thing: James is known for making moves against the grain. He’s done it his entire career. For the most part, James has been a grandmaster at playing the media and driving the narrative.

In 2009, James famously sat courtside to watch Steph Curry play one of his last games in college. Knowing that this move would garner massive media attention, James played the narrative. Additionally, James knew his free agency would hit the following year and people would try connecting the dots.

In 2014, James — still a member of the Miami Heat — skipped a game so he could travel to Cleveland and be in attendance for Zydrunas Illgauskas‘ jersey retirement. Again, being fully aware that he could enter free agency in 5 months, James knew what the media outcome would be.

LeBron James: Coming Home Pt. 2?

In 6 weeks, James can enter unrestricted free agency.

10 years ago this time, James was playing in his final postseason with the Miami Heat. Weeks later, he’d return to Cleveland, famously headlining his comeback “I’m Coming Home.” Even though he’s 7 months from his 40th birthday, some believe James will head back to Cleveland to play his final chapter and retire a Cav.

Paul Pierce suggested that James is setting up a potential exit to Cleveland, while others suggest James attended the Cavs-Celtics game to pressure the Lakers into making roster changes this summer. According to reports, James informed the Lakers of their trip before departing for Cleveland.

Interestingly enough, James wasn’t with Bronny James at the NBA Draft Combine. Knowing James’ history, he’s often been with Bronny at every step of his young career. Choosing to pay a visit to Cleveland over being with his son might’ve been another chess move by James to stir discussion.

Pierce Says James Is On to Something

Was James just interested in watching a playoff game courtside? Pierce says James came with a mission.

“You could go to Europe, watch some soccer, you know? That’s what he’s known to do, you know? Pierce said while giggling. “A Cleveland game? C’mon now. I think where there’s smoke there’s fire. I could see [James] probably having a secret meeting with Dan Gilbert or maybe persuade Donovan Mitchell to L.A.”

While Pierce was clearly using some sarcasm, James has done something he’s done all too often in the past: dominate the media narrative.

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