Funding to improve flood warning infrastructure on Redlands Coast

Funding to improve flood warning infrastructure on Redlands Coast

Redland City Council has welcomed the Australian Government’s funding announcement of $234,000 for new and upgraded flood warning infrastructure across the city.

The funding will be used to upgrade flood cameras and LED road closed signs at Avalon Road, Sheldon and Moores Road, Redland Bay and to install new electronic rainfall gauges at Redland Bay Recycling and Waste Centre, Macleay Island Council depot and Point Lookout Hall on North Stradbroke Island/Minjerribah.

Mayor and Redland City Local Disaster Management Group Chair Cr Jos Mitchell said the new assets would help protect the community and enable it to prepare for the impact of heavy rainfall and flooding.

“Avalon Road and Moores Road regularly flood during heavy rainfall so the new cameras and road closed signs will be critical in these locations,” she said.

“They will not only replace the current equipment with its aged technology, but will also align with Queensland Government standards in relation to flood warning signage.”

The Mayor said the three new rainfall gauges would also be a welcome addition to the city.

“Currently, the only official rainfall figures are available from the Bureau of Meteorology’s Redland Weather Station at Alexandra Hills,” she said.

“The extra gauges will provide a more comprehensive overview of rainfall across Redlands Coast, with rainfall figures to be transmitted, in real time, to a central location.

“Council and emergency services will be able to use this information to assist in planning an emergency response, if required.”

The Mayor said data collected during significant rainfall events could also help in planning for future events.

“We can start to get a better feel for the impacts of heavy rainfall across the city,” she said.

“For example, we will be able to collect rainfall data that shows what may happen along our creek and river systems during heavy rain and when roads and other community assets may be impacted by water.”

The new infrastructure has been funded by the Australian Government under the Emergency Response Fund.

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