ISID attends the Smartcity Expo World Congress 2024

ISID attends the Smartcity Expo World Congress 2024

Smart City Expo 2024

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Intelion Safe City

ISID will be an exhibitor at the Smart City Expo World Congress with its Intelion Safe City Solution, a platform oriented towards enhancing city’s security.

MADRID, MADRID, ESPAñA, May 13, 2024 / — ISID, a technology company focused on AI solutions and platforms for advanced video and audio storage and analysis will attend this years’ Smart City Expo World Congress on November 5-7 in Barcelona. Held in Barcelona since 2011, Smart City Expo World Congress is the world’s biggest and most influential event for cities and urban innovation. With more than 25,000 attendees and over 1,100 exhibitors from 850 cities in 2023, this events connects connect leaders from global companies, governments and organizations to the most recent technological advances in order to move cities towards a better future. The event’s goal is to collectivize urban innovation across the globe and empower cities to face the critical challenges the world faces today. City leaders and innovative companies meet to see the state of the art in Safe City technology and find new applications to enhance and optimize any city’s operation.

Intelion Safe City, the security of any modern city

City population is growing all over the world, which generates particular challenges for the local administrations: energy, waste management, traffic are important topics, but no one wants to live in a city that isn’t safe. Hence a big part of any Smart City program are its Safe City initiatives. And this is where ISID’s Intelion Safe City can help local administrations.

Intelion integrates with any VMS (Video Management System) and adds an AI video analytics layer to it, so it is possible to monitor hundreds or thousands of camera feeds automatically, without human intervention, searching for specific elements like faces, number plates, objects, and the like. The traditional Control Centers, manned by hundreds of people simply watching screens, are a thing of the past. The new urban surveillance is less labor intensive as it is Intelion who does the work and only alerts a police officer when something out of the ordinary happens.

Intelion’s AI works 24/7 analyzing massive amounts of camera feeds, video and audio recordings or images looking for faces, number plates, suspicious movements or actions, etc. Law Enforcement can define what is surveilled and when to raise an alert. The system is also able to find any element that becomes of interest at a certain point (face, object, number plate) and track it backwards in time through all the connected camera recordings. For example, to reconstruct the path a vehicle or person before the event of interest (accident, crime, etc.).

To save even more time, Intelion creates reports with all the found information so these summaries can be shared with the appropriate unit that will take care of the case.

About ISID

ISID is a spanish and global company that develops solutions and platforms for the processing, analysis, management and storage of audio and video, whether file-based, streaming or live (TV). Our solutions integrate advanced AI analysis modules (like biometrics, S2T, translation, object recognition, audio fingerprinting & ID, etc.) and are used in multiple sectors, such as Security, Government and Public Administration, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Communication Agencies, Education, Media Banks, Healthcare and Legal. They are platform agnostic and can be integrated with most technology vendors and existing A/V installations.

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