Kennesaw State University Shooting Today: What We Know So Far

Kennesaw State University Shooting Today: What We Know So Far

An alert issued by KSU mentioned about an armed intruder on its campus. (representative image)

An armed intruder was reportedly neutralised at Kennesaw State University‘s campus on Saturday, as per the varsity’s alert management system. The school located in Atlanta, Georgia earlier alerted its staff, faculty members, and students about a person, who reportedly had weapons on him. The shooting took place inside the KSU‘s Kennesaw campus. Amid the large police presence, people have been strictly advised to avoid the South Campus Housing area.

“ALL CLEAR Person was shot on Kennesaw Campus. Suspect is no longer a threat to campus. Avoid the South Campus Housing area due to police activity,” the KSU Emergency Management wrote on social media highlighting its latest alert. Initially, it was reported that no shooting incident took place inside the school.

Following the reports of a tense situation developing on the university campus, the school administration decided to impose a temporary lockdown in the evening. A shelter-in-place order was issued by the KSU at around 4:07 pm, per local time. An alert was sent through the varsity’s emergency management. No injuries were reported till the time this report was published.

KSU Emergency Management took to social media to alert about the current situation. “KSU Alert: Kennesaw Campus: Armed Intruder reported at Kennesaw State. Seek shelter in a secure location until further notice,” it wrote on X (social platform formerly known as Twitter).

The identity of the intruder was not made public. Meanwhile, the authorities in the Georgia’s city including campus Police launched an investigation into the shooting incident.

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