Miss World Australia attacked outside Gold Coast shopping centre

Miss World Australia attacked outside Gold Coast shopping centre

Miss World Australia has called out a lack of police help after a violent attack outside a Gold Coast shopping centre.

Jasmine Stringer was running a workshop with a group of aspiring young pageant contestants on Friday night when she said a random attacker charged at them.

“This person was hurling abuse at the young girls and then charged at me from across the road and punched me straight in the face,” Jasmine told Today.

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Jasmine Stringer Miss World Australia
Jasmine said she waited for 20 minutes for police and no one came to help. (Today)

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“I fended her off and then she turned her sights to a 14-year-old girl.”

Realising she couldn’t protect the girls by herself, Jasmine called Triple Zero as her students ran from the scene to protect themselves.

But she called out how long it took for police to respond and the lack of help members of the public had to offer.

“I guess the most concerning part of this whole story for me is that I called Triple Zero, we are in the Southport CBD of the Gold Coast, less than three kilometres from the police station and in a 15-minute time frame when women and children are being assaulted, there was no one turning up to help,” the 27-year-old said.

“I stayed there for 20 minutes on the call with the dispatcher and I was starting to get stressed, this woman was still physically attacking these children as they’re trying to get into cars and taxis and it was escalating and I asked ‘is someone coming?’ and they were quite dismissive to me.”

Jasmine said part of her advocacy as Miss World Australia is preventing violence against women and children, but she is frustrated as this is the second time in a month that she’s called for help from police after witnessing a violent incident and there’s been nobody there to help.

‘I’m going to go to the police station today just make sure that the report is made and hopefully have the person who attacked us charged,” she said.

“But at this point in time, I’ve received no follow up from the police and it’s been a really distressing situation.”

Today has reached out to Queensland Police for comment.

Hear what else Jasmine had to say about the incident in the video above

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