New permanent Austin City Manager TC Broadnax starts job today

New permanent Austin City Manager TC Broadnax starts job today

Austin City Hall is putting out the “Under New Management” sign. On Monday former Dallas City Manager TC Broadnax begins his new job as permanent Austin city manager replacing Interim Austin City Manager Jesus Garza. Being Austin city manager is a high-pressure job, council members believe Broadnax has the chops to pull it off.

Broadnax comes to Austin after seven years as city manager for the City of Dallas. It was that big city experience that got Broadnax the job here in Austin after a nationwide search. Altogether he has 30 years of experience in public administration.

Broadnax takes over from Jesus Garza who had been interim city manager since Spencer Cronk was fired in early 2023 after being blamed for the city’s disappointing response to a winter ice storm.

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Austin had been looking for a permanent city manager for just over a year, and when Austin Mayor Kirk Watson announced Broadnax’s appointment, he expressed his confidence in the council’s selection. Watson told council members, “You have demonstrated how to go about a very, very important decision, perhaps the most important decision that we’ll make as a council.” He added, “I think we will be very proud and Mr. Broadnax will make us very proud when he comes on as the permanent city manager.”

The Broadnax era is likely to begin with an organizational review of what he’s inheriting. He also has an important position to fill. The deputy city manager position is currently vacant.

As for the outgoing interim city manager, Jesus Garza says he’s looking forward to participating as a private citizen… especially with his grandchildren on his lap.

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