NICE Launches “World’s First & Only CX-Aware AI platform”

NICE Launches “World’s First & Only CX-Aware AI platform”

NICE has unveiled its CXone MPower solution, promising to “exponentially boost” overall customer experience performance.

The new innovation combines the company’s CXone, Copilot, Autopilot, and Actions tools in what NICE is dubbing the “world’s first and only CX-aware AI platform.”

By aligning these solutions in a single offering, the Mpower is able to deliver advanced augmentation, effortless skill transfer between humans and AI, and enhanced AI memory-based awareness.

Users will also benefit from a narrowing of the divide between what organizations can deliver and what customers expect, due to the solution’s AI-leveraging capabilities, which allows it to insert contextual insights at key moments throughout the customer journey.

In discussing the potential of the company’s latest offering, Barry Cooper – President of the CX Division at NICE – was full of praise for what his team had achieved, describing Mpower as the “holy grail of CX.”

“It [CXone Mpower] lets businesses achieve it all. This is a culmination of the relentless innovation NICE has driven in the last decade, bringing all our solutions together in a single, transformative offering.

CXone Mpower is a rich convergence of CXone’s interaction-centric platform, our best-of-breed solutions and Enlighten’s purpose-built AI for CX, supercharging employees, driving super AI-powered interactions and exponentially boosting overall performance.

But how exactly will the CXone Mpower deliver on its acclaimed billing?

A Mission-Critical CX Solution

In its search to meet the “demand for a complete CX AI offering,” the solution was designed to combat the following three mission-critical areas of CX:

Immediate Augmentation

CXone Mpower uses smart, memory-driven AI to boost employee performance through copilot and automation features.

By integrating augmented intelligence into employee workflows, it helps employees work smarter and faster without additional effort.

Advanced Skillability

The solution facilitates dynamic skill transfer between humans and AI using “skillability” and reverse-prompting.

It achieves this by integrating automated intelligence into CX operations, which allows virtual agents to understand consumer intents, remember preferences, and resolve issues with the cognitive awareness and efficiency of top-performing employees.

Fully Aware Proactive Service

By integrating with every touchpoint and application within an organization, the tool can deliver comprehensive perception.

This complete CX-awareness enables the delivery of personalized experiences at scale by proactively recommending actions, optimizing processes, and creating new solutions.

Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst at Metrigy, also discussed NICE’s latest solution, commending its ability to tackle the issue of silos:

Metrigy’s research validates the need for an offering like CXone Mpower. CX leaders don’t want AI in silos; they want it to move effortlessly through workflows and customer journeys.

“In 2023, 30% of customer interactions flowed back and forth between agent and AI; that’s projected to rise to 54% by 2026. This is where CXone Mpower will shine. By continuously improving AI at all touchpoints, both in real-time and historically, customer satisfaction and agent productivity will improve significantly.”

More NICE CXone News

Announced earlier this week, NICE has landed its biggest deal to date for its CCaaS platform, NICE CXone, with a contract worth over $100 million from an unnamed organization in the APAC region.

This contract will see NICE replacing several long-standing on-premise platform providers.

In addition, the CCaaS provider will be deploying its Enlighten suite, which includes three key solutions: Enlighten Copilot, Autopilot, and Actions.

The company believes that the introduction of these solutions will bring virtual assistants powered by generative AI (GenAI), virtual agents, and enhanced reporting capabilities to the organization.

Darren Rushworth, President of NICE International, provided further insights on the deal, commenting:

This historic deal is representative of the enterprise cloud inflection point we are currently witnessing.

“AI is intensifying cloud adoption as enterprises realize that to effectively implement CX AI, they must consolidate operations onto a single, interaction-centric platform. This is driving unprecedented adoption of CXone.”

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