Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Harbin Institute of Technology

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Harbin Institute of Technology

HABRIN: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday visited the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province and met with students and the faculty at the university.

The Harbin Institute of Technology carries out extensive scientific and educational cooperation with well-known Russian universities. For example, the leading Russian school, St Petersburg State University will open an education center in partnership with HIT soon and over 1,500 Russian and Chinese students will study at the center, according to Putin.

Putin delivered a speech at the institute, in which he said the cooperation between Russian and Chinese universities provides excellent learning opportunities for young people in both countries, and also deepens mutual understanding between the two peoples.

He added that Russia is willing to continue to strengthen cooperation with China to provide more platforms for exchanges and mutual learning for young people in both countries. He stressed the importance of being proficient in a second language, saying it “always broadens horizons, not only for personal communication, but also for career advancement and the pursuit of innovative scientific research.”

He expressed hope that more Chinese and Russian people will actively engage in cultural, educational and scientific exchanges, saying bilateral exchanges make tangible contributions to the advancement of friendly and neighborly relations between Russia and China.

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