Sonos confirms something totally new is coming to the UK tomorrow

Sonos confirms something totally new is coming to the UK tomorrow

If you love all things Sonos then you might want to check out some news that’s coming later today, May 21. The famous audio company – which is renowned for its multi-room speakers – has just confirmed that it will be unveiling its “most requested product ever” with the big reveal expected around 2pm BST. For anyone who has a home full of Sonos gear, it sounds like an exciting launch but what could this device be?

Although not confirmed, it’s rumoured that Sonos will finally uncover its first-ever headphones. As Sonos has said in its tease on social media, a pair of wireless cans have been a long-awaited product from the firm and it finally seems fans will get what they’ve been asking for.

Along with Sonos posting a message on Instagram, there’s also been an early leak of the headphones which came via a hiccup from an authorised Sonos parts dealer. A product page went live a little earlier than it was meant to with it revealing a product called the Sonos Ace.

Images also appeared online showing a sleek design with earcups attached to the headband via metallic arms.

There appear to be physical buttons which are possibly to control the audio and they will definitely be available in black – it’s unclear if other shades will launch as well.

Little else is known about the Sonos Ace right now but that will change later tomorrow when Sonos reveals all.

Once officially announced, the Ace will go head-to-head with products including Sony’s popular WH-1000MX5s and Apple’s AirPods Max.

The headphone market is a very crowded space right so Sonos will hopefully have some unique features to help its Ace cans stand out from the rest. will bring you full news about the launch as soon as we hear more. Watch this space as the countdown to the big reveal has started.

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