The best cheap Fitbit sales and deals for May 2024

The best cheap Fitbit sales and deals for May 2024

Whether you’re after the latest Versa or the tiniest Inspire, Fitbit deals can score you a discount on everything from the latest releases to the oldest (and cheapest) fitness trackers. We regularly see plenty of savings across the brand’s range of smartwatches, with significant savings on old and new models. That’s all provided you’re looking in the right place at the right time – however, with more and more models filling the shelves, we are seeing Fitbit sales dropping more frequently these days.

We’re bringing you all the lowest Fitbit prices on every model from around the web, with our comparison tech scouring the shelves every half an hour to locate all the biggest deals. Whether you already know which fitness tracker you need or you’re still balancing features and price tags, we’ve got you covered. 

Because there are quite a few Fitbit models available, and to help narrow your search, we’ve separated this article into sections for Fitbit’s fitness tracker and smartwatch models. The fitness trackers offer a more basic workout-orientated set of features at a lower price, while the smartwatches tend to branch more out into lifestyle and general well-being features. 

If you’re not sure which type of device is for you, we’ve got more info on the key differences in each section below, alongside a quick review and comparison of each model to help you decide which is the best Fitbit for you.

Today’s best Fitbit deals

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