The Eagles at the Sphere in Las Vegas? CEO seems to confirm rumors on earnings call

The Eagles at the Sphere in Las Vegas? CEO seems to confirm rumors on earnings call


It seems the Eagles will be landing at the Sphere.

James Dolan, executive chairman and CEO of Sphere Entertainment Co., mentioned the band in a Friday earnings call, perhaps ending the months-long speculation about whether the group would play the unique Las Vegas venue.

When asked about which artists might be on tap – current major touring acts or more legacy acts such as recent inhabitants U2, Phish, and, starting Thursday, Dead & Company – Dolan noted the importance of visuals as part of the performance package.

“Every time an act books the Sphere, they have to create content around it,” Dolan said. “We will never have an act play the Sphere that doesn’t have something compelling on the screen … I think you’re going to find (with Dead & Company) that even if you’re not a Deadhead, you’re going to love the show. And I think the same will be true for the Eagles and the next acts we bring on.”

When reached by USA TODAY, neither Sphere Entertainment Co. nor the band’s representatives had further comment.

The $2.3 billion venue, which opened in September boasting 40 shows from U2, generated revenue of $170.4 million for its fiscal third quarter ending March 31, a slight uptick from the $167.8 million in the prior quarter.

The Eagles have been on their Long Goodbye Tour since a September kickoff at Madison Square Garden. In January, they played a pair of special “California Concerts” at the Kia Forum in honor of the band’s Southern California roots. When first announcing the tour, the Eagles said it would likely run until 2025.

Overseas tour dates are scheduled the last week of May into early June, but no other dates are confirmed beyond June 15 in the Netherlands.  

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