Beyoncé’s country music is causing a surge in cowboy fashion, according to global searches

Beyoncé’s country music is causing a surge in cowboy fashion, according to global searches


Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has been a catalyst for trends of all sorts since the inception of her career. And her new singles “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” have not only had unprecedented success, but they have ignited excitement surrounding country music and the culture around it.

This enthusiasm has rippled out to the fashion industry.

According to experts at Boohoo, a fast-fashion website, there was a massive spike of interest in items that are directly associated with Southern and country music culture — dubbed cowboy core — directly following the release of Beyoncé’s new songs and the announcement of her full Renaissance “Act II” album during the Super Bowl.

There has been an uptick in interest in classic cowboy looks and western-inspired fashion, which includes items such as cowboy hats, cowboy boots, leather jackets, fringe, denim and more. And their research suggests these fashion trends are set to take over this spring.

The interest seems to be worldwide. Global Google searches for “cowboy hat” increased by 215.5% after the commercial, with “cowboy boots” rising by 163%.

Searches for “bolo tie” also saw a massive increase of 566% after Beyoncé donned a turquoise one in her Super Bowl commercial.

Other celebrities seem to be embracing this moment as well. Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing a black cowboy hat during an event Super Bowl weekend.

Beyoncé has embraced cowboy core on several occasions, especially recently.

At the Grammys this month she was seen in a cowboy hat and skirt suit that featured a collarless leather jacket decked in studs. Since the announcement, she has rocked several different cowboy hats, including her recent appearance at the New York Fashion Week Luar show where she supported nephew Daniel “Julez” Smith Jr.

From the looks of it, Beyoncé won’t be the only one this season.

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