Julia Fox gets real on ‘OMG Fashun,’ vaping, staying single post-Ye and loving her son

Julia Fox gets real on ‘OMG Fashun,’ vaping, staying single post-Ye and loving her son

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Julia Fox is looking forward to May 6, but not because of fashion’s biggest night.

The actress and model, 34, won’t be in attendance at this year’s Met Gala; she’s out of town filming “Goat,” a Jordan Peele-produced psychological thriller co-starring Marlon Wayans and Tyriq Withers.

Instead, May 6 marks the premiere of “OMG Fashun,” Fox’s new E! fashion competition series. She hosts and executive produces the series, which combines elements of “Chopped” and “Project Runway” as up-and-coming designers race against the clock using predetermined materials to create a new look for Fox. Each episode’s winner receives a $10,000 prize – and the honor of having Fox model their garment. The show’s title was not her idea, however, she did conceptualize the design challenges.


Is Julia Fox dating? Actress talks ‘OMG Fashun,’ parenting, more

Actress Julia Fox chats with USA TODAY’s Ralphie Aversa about her red carpet essentials, love life, parenting and her new show “OMG Fashun” on E!.

“I know even if I wasn’t into fashion, I would still want to see a bag of trash turned into like a couture runway outfit,” Fox says. “My dream is that people take the challenges and do them at home. And then, instead of like buying …clothes that aren’t good for our environment, just upcycle the clothes they already have.”

While promoting her new show at New York City’s J.W. Marriott Essex House, Fox spills on her essentials to navigating a career, motherhood and the fickle world of celebrity.

Julia Fox’s ‘OMG’ fashion essential for the red carpet is smokin’

Fox needs stress relief when it comes to red carpet necessities.

“My vape,” she responds before her eyes dart down to her trusty sidekick, which made it to this interview. “I’m really into yogurt, vanilla … those are my flavors.”

Fox says she vapes to help with the anxiety of red carpets, which she doesn’t feel when she’s photographed on the street.

“It’s a stressful situation. You’re holding your breath because you don’t want your nostrils to flare in the photo. You feel like you’re going to die. It’s just stressful, like you need your vape.

“You also have a hundred photographers like, ‘Julia, left! Up! Down! Smile for us!'” she says, mimicking how those in the camera pit will typically shout at their subjects. “It’s crazy!”

With Fox’s more revealing ensembles, like the metallic bra set she showed off at Naomi Campbell’s fashion show in September or the strapless top and miniskirt adorned with watches she wore the following day, body oil is a must.

“If I have skin showing, I need to have my Goē Oil because I like to look like I just stepped out of the shower,” she reveals. “Really shiny.”

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For Julia Fox, dating history is in the past

Fox rose to prominence for her role in the 2019 film “Uncut Gems,” starring alongside Adam Sandler. She’s also made headlines in her personal life, including the two months she spent in 2022 dating Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.

But now, seemingly every headline about her is in regard to fashion.

“I’d like to keep it that way,” Fox says of the news coverage. “I’m not dating right now. I just don’t have the bandwidth for it emotionally, physically, mentally. I’m just focusing on work.

“Also I feel like with women in media, the moment they date somebody, it’s like that’s who they become. Like ‘that person’s girlfriend.’ I refuse to ever let that happen to me again because I’m so much more than that. And if that means I have to sacrifice ever falling in love again, I’m so fine with that.”

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Parenthood is Julia Fox’s focus

The actress shares son Valentino, 3, with ex Peter Artemiev. Fox says that her child provides “all the love I need.”

“If (Valentino) wasn’t there, I wouldn’t be saying (that I’m not dating),” she elaborates. “I’d be like, ‘Call me, I’m single!’

“(Being a mother) is the best. Nothing has ever fulfilled me as much as the love for my son.”

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